It's 2021 sustainability within fashion should be the norm, with sea levels rising and the world heating up, not only for the survival of us, humans. but for the beautiful wildlife we've been gifted with to experience, life aside these amazing animals and these micro organisms, just another persons perspective though, even though we're a small brand we believe everything makes a difference it might not be dramatic but it's a difference still.


We work directly with our manufacturers so we have 100% transparency with the agreed parties, we will only use manufacturers that can guarantee the production of high quality organic & recycled garments, as well as an ethical promise, every hoodie & t-shirt is 100% GOTS certified.


Our manufacter never uses standard cotton for the production of our garments. All of our hoodies & t-shirts is only made from 100% organic cotton, this cotton is natural and gmo-free it uses less water than standard cotton, in the production phase there's no use of fertilisers and pesticides and encourages the rotation of crops, This keeps the soil healthier and more fertile for future growth. This type of cotton is GOTS Certified, But what is gots exactly? well GOTS is the strictest certification for textiles made from organic fibres you can read more about GOTS Here. They ensire the compliance with Labour Standards of the international Labour Organisation throughout the chain of production.


Recycled polyester is made from plastic bottles, which makes up for 15% in our hoodies, and thicker garments.


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